Saturday, October 26, 2013

Harvest Moon Cheat *TOP SECRET

Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Money 800573F0 FFFF
80071A5C FFFF
Infinite Lumber Cheat 80070D38 03E7 Moomoo
Max Fodder 80070D3A 03E7 Jackel
Max Fish Food 80070D3E 03E7 Jackel
Max Chicken Feed 80070D40 03E7 Jackel
Have Maxed Power Fruit 800712BC 000A Jackel
Max RuckSack Storage 80071A1E 0002
30071A20 0008
Jackel & Absolute_Empty
Max Level Sickle 80071A40 FFFF Jackel
Max Level Hoe 80071A42 FFFF Jackel
Max Level Ax 80071A44 FFFF Jackel
Max Level Hammer 80071A46 FFFF Jackel
Max Level Watering Can 80071A48 FFFF Jackel
Infinite Money 80071A5C FFFF Jackel
Max Money 80071A5C 967F
80071A5E 0098
Infinite Medals 80071A60 FFFF Jackel
Max Medals 80071A60 967F
80071A62 0098
Max Earnings 800711FC 967F
800711FE 0098
Zero Reduction Expenses 80071200 0000 Jackel
Max Amount Shipped
(Cheat Device 2.2 Or Higher Needed!
50001502 0000
800711C4 03E7
Max Amount Shipped All
(Caetla Only)
B0150002 00000000
800711C4 03E7
Have A Horse 80075AD4 015F Absolute_Empty
Infinite Bamboo To Pick (Only In Spring) 1 8004FAE8 04A3
8004FAD0 04A3
8004FAB8 04A3
Time Freeze 2 D00B7C80 0207
3006C90C 0001
Have All Kind of Ore On Every Mine Floor (Near Waterfall) 3012D110 0009 Absolute_Empty
Dog Never Tire 30075A10 0013 Absolute_Empty
Max Extension Own Home 30070D06 0002 Absolute_Empty
Max Extension Cow & Sheep Barn 30070D08 0002 Absolute_Empty
Max Extension Hen House 30070D0A 0002 Absolute_Empty
Have Hothouse 30070D0C 0001 Absolute_Empty
Have All Utensils 30070D04 00FF Absolute_Empty
Have Infinite Stone 3 80071F5C 003A Absolute_Empty
Cow And Sheep Feedboxs Always Full 800712F8 0101
800712FA 0101
800712FC 0101
800712FE 0101
80071300 0101
80071302 0101
80071304 0101
80071306 0101
80071308 0101
8007130A 0101
8007130C 0101
Chicken Feed Boxs Always Full 8007130E 0101
80071310 0101
80071312 0101
80071314 0101
80071316 0101
Fish Food 800759E0 0001 Absolute_Empty
Max Stamina 80128C6C 0000
80071A12 003C
Jackel & Absolute_Empty
Red Heart Popuri 800786B4 FFFF
Red Heart Elli 80077298 FFFF
Red Heart Karen 800767A0 FFFF
Red Heart Ann 80076EF0 FFFF
Red Heart Mary 80077BBC FFFF
Zero Dead Animals 80127232 0000
All Item Shipped 800711C4 03E7
800711C6 03E7
800711C8 03E7
800711CA 03E7
800711CC 03E7
800711CE 03E7
800711D0 03E7
800711D2 03E7
800711D4 03E7
800711D6 03E7
800711D8 03E7
800711DA 03E7
800711DC 03E7
800711DE 03E7
800711E0 03E7
800711E2 03E7
800711E4 03E7
800711E6 03E7
800711E8 03E7
800711EA 03E7
800711EC 03E7
King Olympic Slam
Max Hearts Chicken 1 30074302 00FF
Max Hearts Chicken 2 300743B6 00FF
Max Hearts Chicken 3 3007446A 00FF
Max Hearts Chicken 4 3007451E 00FF
Max Hearts Barn Animal 1 30074A0A 00FF
Max Hearts Barn Animal 2 30074AC2 00FF
Max Hearts Dog 300759FA 00FF
Max Hearts Horse 30075AEA 00FF
Maximum Harvest Sprite's Affection 8007A64E 010E
8007A746 010E
8007A83E 010E
8007A936 010E
8007AA2E 010E
8007AB26 010E
8007AC1E 010E
Max Affection Cow 1 80074A0A 010E
Max Affection Cow 2 80074AC2 010E
Max Affection Cow 3 80074B7A 010E
Max Affection Cow 4 80074C32 010E
Max Affection Cow 5 80074CEA 010E
Max Affection Cow 6 80074DA2 010E
Max Affection Cow 7 80074E5A 010E
Max Affection Cow 8 80074F12 010E
Max Affection Cow 9 80074FCA 010E
Max Affection Cow 10 80075082 010E
Max Affection Cow 11 8007513A 010E
Max Affection Cow 12 800751F2 010E
Max Affection Cow 13 800752AA 010E
Max Affection Cow 14 80075362 010E
Max Affection Cow 15 8007541A 010E
Max Affection Cow 16 800754D2 010E
Max Affection Cow 17 8007558A 010E
Max Affection Cow 18 80075642 010E
Max Affection Cow 19 800756FA 010E
Max Affection Cow 20 800757B2 010E
2P D-Pad For Time 4 D005E8AC 1000
80070CF8 0006
D005E8AC 2000
80070CF8 000C
D005E8AC 4000
80070CF8 0011
D005E8AC 8000
80070CF8 0015
Have A Horse (Alt) 5 8004FA88 14AF Absolute_Empty
Day Modifier D01231F4 ????
80070CF4 001E
Month Modifier 80070CF2 00?? Absolute_Empty

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