Monday, July 22, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh : The Begining Of Destiny Code Breaker

Enable Code (Must Be On)
90112118 0C0447EE

Activator Code
200A0100 12800011
200A0138 1000000F
200A0178 03E00008
D169B786 000027BD
2169B780 08028040

100% All Cards, 9 each, & No Limited or Restricted Cards (Press Select) (Fixed)
E002FFFE 0025C482
40357D34 09AF0001
00030904 00000000

1. Enable Code must be on
2. Should it not work, put the Activator Code on
3. Make a back up save just in case
4. Also save your game when you are in the world map

No side efffects when i tried it. Now you can get the 100% card collection in your album plus the 3 promo cards (Ayer's Rock, Illusion Gate and Philosopher Stone)

Sacred Beasts Hamon, Raviel and Uria are in
Wicked Dreadroot is the only 1 out of 3 Demon Gods is available so far
Egyptian Gods Obelisk, Slifer and Ra are a "no-show"
NO MORE BAN LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we will try to convert this to armax and gameshark as soon as possible but for now, settle with this. somebody could make a gamesave with this code on.


For DOwnload Here :

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