Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sim City 3000 CHeat

Cheat Codes
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + C while in the simulator. A prompt box with a flashing cursor will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the desired cheat.
$250,000 donation offer from Vinniecall cousin vinnie
All items are freei am weak
Change the sea to fresh watersalt off
Change the sea to salt watersalt on
Construction costs set to $0i am weak
Create flock of seagullsthe birds
Load grayscale picture as terrainload terrain
Lowers the terrain by oneterrain one down
Lowers the terrain by tenterrain ten down
Raises the terrain by oneterrain one up
Raises the terrain by tenterrain ten up
Set "Disaster" to "UFO" for unlimited UFOsufo swarm
SimCastle construction, if Vinnie's offer was activated and then declinedzyxwvu
"Sorry, Money Doesn't Grow On Broccoli" messagebroccoli
"Aha! We Have A Real Pro Here! Try BROCCOLI" messageporntipsguzzardo
"Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da BAT-man!" messagebat
"If You Build It, They Will Come" messagescurk
"The Llama Is A Quadruped" messagellama
"Duo Ragazzi's Easter Egg Palace: Old World Charm In A Post Modern Setting" messageeaster egg
"If You Lived Here, You'd Be A Sim" messagesim
"Dozens Of Hidden News Ticker Reveals; Sims Encouraged To Collect Them All And Amaze Friends" messagehelp
"What Will He Think Of Next?" messagewill wright
"Investment Tip: Buy Low, Sell High" messageerts
"Not Just Sports Games Anymore" messageelectronic arts
" Picayune: The Finest In Scrolling Entertainment" messageticker
"Money Does NOT Grow On Trees, Study Concludes" messagemoney
"Keep Trying And Maybe You'll Figure It Out" messagesimcity
"Unknown" messagesimon says
"Greetings Mayor, Your Sims Salute You" messagehello
"Mayor brings To News Ticker Highlight" messagemayor
"Mayor Suspected Of Attempting Embezzlement; Ends In Failure" messagesc3k
"Secret Number Combination Causes Announcement In News Ticker" message1234
"Did you know that MAXIS spelled backwards is SIX AM?" messagemaxis
"MOREMONEY Not Cheat Code, Research Concludes" messagemoremoney
"Mayor Under Investigation For Possible Embezzlement" messageadvisor
"FUND Not A Cheat Code, Do Not Type MOREMONEY, It Is Not A Cheat Code Either" messagefund
All extra rewardspay tribute to your king
All power plantspower to the masses
All water plantswater in the desert
Description of City Hall set to "Miles and Miles of Red Tape"; date set to the year 1900i love red tape
High tech industriesnerdz rool
Recycling plant, waste to energy incinerator and normal incineratorgarbage in, garbage out
Stops advicestop forcing advice
Mortimer will say the indicated phrase.force mortimer to say
Moe will say the indicated phrase.force moe to say
Constance will say the indicated phrase.force constance to say
Marla will say the indicated phrase.force maria to say
Randall will say the indicated phrase.force randall to say
Gus will say the indicated phrase.force gus to say
Karen will say the indicated phrase.force karen to say
The petitioners will say the indicated phrase.force petitioners to say >phrase>
If you have connections to your neighbors, they will start trying to make dealslet's make a deal
All ordinances availablei like red tape

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