Thursday, April 12, 2012

HOW TO: Make Disc Images

Program: Alcohol 52%
Guide Author: Gamesoul Master

Program Page:

Alright! I've decided to create a tutorial on how to make CCD/IMG/SUB/CUE and MDF/MDS images, since they are so popular here as a disc format. And of course, it includes the subcode data which is required to run some copy-protected games.

To start, put your PlayStation disc in the drive (the newer/better drive if you have more than one), and start up Alcohol 52%. You will start with this screen:


At this screen, simply click "Image Making Wizard", which will bring you to the next screen:


You may have to wait a few seconds for it to read the disc, but once it does, there are a few options you'll have to set. "CD/DVD Device:" should of course be set to whatever drive holds your disc.

Next is "Datatype:". Click that drop-down menu, and find "Play Station" as shown. This will set a few necessary options for reading the disc.

And last... select "Read Speed:", and choose a value no higher than 16x. While many drives are fully capable of reading Playstation discs at a higher speed with no problems, you really shouldn't. I'd actually recommend no higher than 8x, but 16x is fine if you really don't wanna wait that long. Lower = better.

Now once you've set those, click Next.


Here, you are given a choice of the format of the output image. The CloneCD and MDF formats both work on the latest version of pSX, so either choice should be fine. Don't forget to give the image a good name. It doesn't matter what you call it, and as you can see, I always prefer to give them good, descriptive names. Last, make sure you set the image location, so you actually know where the image went. Of course, choosing the folder that pSX reads the images out of is a good choice. Once you've done all that, hit Start, and it'll create the image for you. When it's done, it'll eject the disc and give you a message and sound effect.

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